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The Municipality of Chester is the “gateway” to the South Shore, boasting ocean and lakeside waterfront, forest glades, farmland and an abundance of amenities: 
the perfect blend of work and casual living.

We are the “perfect slice” of Nova Scotia, mingling tradition with the 21st century; leisure with business; rural with convenience. We are overflowing with local treasures to be explored and have opportunity aplenty.

Enjoy the feel of close-knit, safe, community living within proximity to major centers, healthcare, schools, green spaces, childcare, and amenities such as shops, restaurants, trails, cultural venues, community centres, and much more.

The Municipality of Chester is a collection of communities dotted along the coastline and inland westward – each with their own lovely residents all with their own stories to tell and experiences to enjoy.

Included are Aspotogan, Bayswater, Beech Hill, Blandford, Borgels Points, Canaan, Chester, Chester Basin, Deep Cove, East Chester, East River, East River Point, Forties, Fox Point, Franey Corner, Fraxville, Gold River, Haddon Hill, Harriston, Hubbards, Lake Ramsay, Marriotts Cove, Martin’s Point, Martin’s River, Middle River, Middle River Road , Mill Cove, Mill Lake, New Ross, Northwest Cove, Otter Point, Robinsons Corner, Seffernsville, Sherwood, Simms Settlement, The Lodge at Birchy Head, Western Shore and Windsor Road.

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Chester Real Estate Listings and Homes for Sale